Are you hoping to spend your summer eating falafel on the Mediterranean?

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re even eligible to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Not to worry, take our Eligibility Quiz or keep reading to determine whether this free trip can be yours.

Are you Jewish?

If you have at least one Jewish parent (birth or recognized conversion), you’re eligible for a free trip to Israel. You don’t need to observe Shabbat, belong to a synagogue, or even have had a bar- or bat-mitzvah. However you choose to define your Jewishness is up to you, we’re just here to offer you the opportunity to explore your heritage, make new friends, and gorge on Mediterranean cuisine.

How old are you?

Between the ages of 18 to 26? Mazel tov, you’re one step closer to Israel.

Have you been to Israel before?

If you took a family trip or did a high-school program in Israel before turning 18, you can still sign up for a Birthright Israel trip as long as you didn’t stay for longer than 3 months. Vacationing with your parents is cool, but spending 10 days with other Jewish youths exploring the country is definitely worth making the journey back.

Do you meet all of the above criteria? Great! Spots are filling up fast so fill out your application today!