Thanks to Birthright Israel, I had the opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime! Not only did I get to travel the country with my 3 best friends but we got to learn about Israel's vibrant culture by eating our way through all of its top spots. The vivacious city of Tel Aviv is my personal favorite place to eat out and is also a culinary hot spot known for its simplistic but innovative use of local ingredients. While on our trip with Birthright Israel, myself @Everything_Delish, @EastCoastFeastCoast, @TheNaughtyFork and @DcFoodPorn, had the opportunity to try out some of the best brunch spots in Tel Aviv! Keep reading for my Top 5 Brunch Spots!

1.     Cafe XoHo

Located right by Gordon Beach, Cafe Xoho has quickly become one of the top brunch spots to hit up while in Tel Aviv. When you walk into XoHo, you immediately feel like you have entered another world outside of Tel Aviv. Mostly English speakers, Cafe XoHo combines fresh ingredients and flavors with classics we’d find back in North America like their Egg and Cheese Bagel. Known for their baked goods, especially their house-made bagel- Cafe XoHo is definitely a spot to check out while in Tel Aviv.

2.     Yom Tov

The best thing about the Carmel Market is getting lost in its many alleyways and discovering all the amazing vendors, shops and restaurants. One of the hidden gems we found along the way is Yom Tov. Located off the main street, this family-owned restaurant changes their menu daily depending on what ingredients they buy form the Shuk that morning. While is it THE place to be on Fridays, you can always find friends enjoying a coffee at the outdoor tables in the thick of the market. Yom Tov is definitely one of my most recommended spots to try in Tel Aviv.

3.     Old Man & The Sea

We had the opportunity of visiting Old Man & The Sea with Birthright Israel, and it was surely a treat! Located in Jaffa right on the port, Old Man & The Sea is a dining experience like no other. The second you sit down you are served with a large number of mezze plates, and this is before even ordering! The mezze plate’s range of everything from freshly made hummus to falafel and roasted beets. Also, you can’t skip out on the fresh bread they bring to the table. If you’re looking for a hearty meal- definitely check out Old Man & The Sea!

4.     Bucke Cafe

Bucke Cafe has quickly earned its title as one of the top brunch spots in Tel Aviv. Known for their ‘country trays’, which are large platters served with fresh and local ingredients– Bucke Cafe never disappoints. Something I love about Bucke is that each time you go and order the tray- you always end up with different ingredients on your platter. Also, if you’re looking to opt into something a bit healthier, Bucke offers delicious fresh salads!

5.     Lehamim

Lehamim is a kosher bakery known for its bread and pastries. Baked fresh on-site every day, the irresistible piles of warm loaves, heavenly pastries, desserts of every kind and super addictive coffee have captured the taste buds of many. For brunch, they offer a variety of different items, but I always opt for the ‘Israeli breakfast’, which includes eggs, a spread of aromatic cheeses, smoked fish, freshly chopped green salad and a medley of side dishes including olives, roasted peppers and eggplant salad with slices of oven-fresh bread. You really can’t go wrong when eating at Lehamim!