In Winter 2015, I traveled on my Birthright Israel trip with Samantha, my best friend and sorority sister. We had talked for years about going on a trip, but Samantha had already been to Israel with her Jewish day camp in high school. Once the eligibility requirements changed, we were thrilled to finally make the epic trip to Israel together with Birthright Israel.

The application process was super easy. We figured out which trip we both wanted to go on, and made a note in each of our applications that we must travel together! After we submitted our applications and paid the deposit, we reached out to our Trip Organizer to confirm that we would be put on the same trip.

The entire trip was incredible, but our favorite night was New Years Eve. We spent New Years in Jerusalem at the shuk singing and dancing to 90's throwback music with our entire bus, including the Israelis that joined us. It was hands-down one of the most fun nights of my life and an experience neither of us will never forget.

We made so many friends on our Birthright Israel trip and they even came to visit us a few weeks after the trip was over. It was comforting to know that although I traveled with my best friend, I still had the chance to make a handful of new friends that I felt as though I’d known my entire life.

Make your trip with Birthright Israel even more special by traveling with friends. If you and your bestie are ready to go, get started now so you don’t miss out.

- Galit B. Winter 2015